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Please excuse my appearance in this video, it’s a result of little sleep and a day of extreme pain. The realities of dealing with a brain injury. But I desperately wanted to share this important update with you all! Regards Angela.K.

It was really refreshing to meet with the representatives of the Department of Seniors, Disability Service, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships including Craig Crawford, Max Wise, David Harmer, John Chesterman celebrating the work QDN does for Queenslanders with Disability.

This was at a recent Peer Leaders Evening on the 27th April 2022. Our Brain Injury Community charity will be meeting with all of these representatives in the next few weeks to continue the great work others are doing to keep those with a Disability and in particular a Brain Injury top of mind.

Exciting times!

QDN is an advocacy group for Queenslanders with Disability – – doing some amazing things.

The Brain Injury Community charity will be meeting with all these fabulous representatives to see how we can work together to support the Brain Injury community.

Our Charity is very grassroots, impacting those living with a Brain Injury and their support network and community; so it’s really important for us to collaborate with those changing policy to ensure our community continue to be supported.

xo Angela

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